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Mama Bear Communications is a creative studio located in Sydney specialising in product photography and marketing for e-commerce brands.

As a business owner, or marketing manager, you know the importance of creating content for your social media and website. However, you may not have the resources or skills needed to create this content on your own. That’s where I can help.

Get in touch if you need assistance with product photography and styling, creating stop-motion videos and GIFs, or assistance with your marketing.


Skincare Photography | Studio Photography

Product Photography

Whether you need styled product shots, flatlay images, or lifestyle shots, I’m here to help your product stand out and cut through the clutter. Click below for more information.

E-Commerce Photography | Perfume Merchant

E-commerce Photography

With more and more customers turning to online shopping, you need to make sure your product shots are clear, sharp, and show the best angles. Having professional shots will help increase sales.

Stop-Motion Videos

Bring your images to life with a stop-motion video or an animated GIF. These short, dynamic videos are approximately 5-15 secs in length and they are a great asset to your marketing collection.


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Product Photography | Biology
Product Photography | Macro Shots
Personal Branding Photography

Blazenka was a joy to work with! She’s great at communicating and went above and beyond to create beautiful content for us across different brands. We’d love to work with her in the future and couldn’t recommend working with her enough. Thank you, Blazenka!


Partnerships & Influencer Executive, Damn Good Beauty


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