Instagram is currently rolling out its new slideshow feature and the community is abuzz! The feedback is mixed: the ones who are reserved simply don’t have enough content to warrant a slideshow but then there are others who can’t wait to share more.

Regardless of what you think, I’m sure it won’t be long before everyone is testing it out to see whether they like it or not. Will the novelty wear off or will people and businesses get more clever with how they can use the feature?

Before we get into how to use the new update let’s take a quick look at what it is.

What exactly is the slideshow feature?

The slideshow feature enables you to combine up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. To view them all you simply need to swipe through the photos or videos to see them all.

To get more information on how to upload multiple photos and videos simply click here.

Multiple Photos and Videos in One Post on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

The great thing is that you can control what order you want your photos to appear in and you can also apply a filter to individual shots or to all the shots at once. For now, these posts have a single caption and are in square format only.

Instagram slideshow view

You may be thinking, this sounds great “but how do I use it?”

Well, to make it easier for you, here are 20 ways you can use the slideshow feature on Instagram.

20 Ways to Use Instagram’s Slideshow Feature

  1. If you are a traveller it’s very easy to get super-excited by your shots that you want to share it all. But you also don’t want to bombard your gallery with shots from the same location. Pop them into a slideshow and kill two birds with one stone.
  2. Step-by-step cooking guides: if you’re a foodie/cook/chef, you may want to show the steps for a recipe in pictures or a feature shot at the front with the video instructions in the slideshow.
  3. Real estate agents can finally showcase multiple rooms for a property in a single post.
  4. There are multiple opportunities for those in the fashion industry – you can showcase numerous shots of your garments from different angles, put images from your latest collection in a single post, or even promote a “who wore it the best” slideshow?
  5. Product retailers can have lots of fun with this new feature. You can show a product shot AND a lifestyle shot in the one post. Or, post one of your product shots followed by customers’ shots of the product in their home.
  6. If you are running a competition, which is a game of skill, you may like to showcase the finalists’ entries in the slideshow.
  7. There are many businesses that could benefit from showing ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots including the fitness industry, health and beauty industries, designers, landscapers and more.
  8. Show a step-by-step guide to a yoga pose, or exercise sequence. We are visual people so it’s much easier to see the moves broken down rather than described in a post. Go one step further and include a video with your post.
  9. Do you provide tutorials for your audience? Why not mix it up with a photo of the finished product followed by videos of the tutorials or a step-by-step photo guide?
  10. If you are hosting an event or party for your business you will have a plethora of photos from this event. But you also don’t want to bombard your followers so the carousel way is a perfect way of showcasing highlights from the event.
  11. Artists usually showcase their final product but sometimes it’s good to see the work-in-progress. You can share your progression with your audience.
  12. Why not try a question and answer scenario? The first slide has the question, the next has the answer! This is a great way to engage with your audience.
  13. Bloggers can do a round up of their top blog posts for the week or month.
  14. Social media influencers can now show the sponsored product being used in multiple ways. This could be a positive or negative depending on which side of the fence you are on!
  15. Those who love quotes can create slideshows of their top quotes. I can see it now: “top 5 motivational quotes”, “top 10 mindfulness quotes”, or “top 5 quotes on happiness”.
  16. Graphic designers can showcase their current projects/clients in a single update rather than in multiple posts.
  17. We all love to promote people – our top influencers, our insta-crushes, fashion icons, our mentors. All these can be done easily in slideshow format.
  18. Behind-the-scenes shots are interesting but may not fit in with your accounts aesthetic. Showing these as the secondary shots are a great way of sharing but less pressure to make it fit in with your feed.
  19. Whilst there are lots of folks whose selfie-game is strong, there are many others who are happy being behind the lens rather than in front of the lens. Why not do a fun reveal with you in shot number two instead of your first shot in your feed? You can do it!
  20. Use the carousel for market research. “Which design do you prefer – a, b, or c?”

I’m confident that photographers, visual storytellers, and creative directors will think outside the square with this update. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with!

What are some other ways you think you could use the slideshow feature? Let me know in the comments below.

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