There are so many creative photographers, content creators, graphic designers and artists on Instagram. I have re-visited this post and added more creative Instagram accounts to inspire you.

Everyone needs a hat crocheted to look like a burger, right? Well, maybe not, but once you see Phil Ferguson’s feed you will totally want one!

Here’s a list of my favourite creative Instagram accounts in 2019.

1. Phil Ferguson (@chiliphilly)

How could I not start with this one? When Phil moved to Melbourne in 2014 he began crocheting hats on posting them on social media as a way of making new friends.  He really makes you ask, “Should I be doing more with my life?”

Creative Instagram - @chiliphilly

2. Kerstin Hiestermann (@spielkkind)

Kerstin is an illustrator and photographer from Hannover, Germany.  She has the amazing ability to transform ordinary objects into endearing original works of art. Her adorable little illustrations put a smile on your face.

creative instagram accounts - @spielkkind

3. Peechaya Burroughs (@pchyburrs)

Whilst Peechaya doesn’t post on her feed anymore it doesn’t stop me from admiring her work. Her images are minimal yet beautifully executed. Peechaya states on her web site that she is “driven by childhood memories and very much fascinated by children’s imagination and their quirkiness”.

creative instagram - @pchyburrs

4. Phonsay (@p22_art)

Phonsay is a conceptual photo artist from Australia who creates surreal minimalist images via photography and digital editing. His work is inspirational and borders between reality and imagination. My response to his feed is usually “wow!”

creative instagram accounts - @p22_art

5. Daniel Rueda (@drcuerda) & Anna Devis (@anniset)

My eye is drawn to minimal feeds. And I also love geometry, strong angles and leading lines in photography.

Anna and Daniel are architects, although their passion for telling stories through creative images has led them to collaborate with some large brands.

They have this awesome ability to draw on their background into their photographs.  The shots are fun and crazy good. I never tire of seeing what they come up with next.

creative instagram accounts - @drcuerda

creative instagram accounts - @anniset

6. Georgie St Clair (@georgiestclair)

Georgie uses crafts colourful and playful illustrations to create unique content. Her stop-motion videos are clever and so inspiring.

creative instagram accounts - @georgiestclair

7. All The is She (@allthatisshe)

Girl Dom & Boy Dom are a formidable partnership. Girl Dom is the founder of the hashtag #allthatisthree where you’ll see shots of Dom and her two daughters in matching outfits. It’s such an adorable concept and it’s now copied all around the world. They also started #projectlittercritter where they encourage the public to collect litter and make a creature out of the litter.

creative instagram accounts - @allthatisshe

creative instagram accounts - @allthatisshe

8. Caroline South (@caroline_south)

Caroline is a content creator who creates amazing works of art from items she collects from the beach, charity shops and nature. It’s quite sad to see all the items that are being left at the beach but inspiring to see what Caroline creates with the items.

creative instagram feeds - @carolines_south

9. Jacobs Food Diaries (@jacobs_food_diaries)

In  May 2015, Laleh Mohmedi turned her son Jacob’s spelt pancakes into a lion- he absolutely loved it. From then on Jacob’s Food Diaries was born!

Within one month her creations went viral gaining worldwide media attention.

Who knew you could create a Disney character using just mashed potato, some meat and vegetables?

 creative instagram feeds - @jacobs_food_diaries

10. Edgar Artis (@edgar_artis)

Edgar is an Armenian artist studying fashion in Paris. He uses everyday items such as toothpicks, flowers, fruit, chocolate and more to embellish his fashion illustrations. 

creative instagram accounts - @edgar_artis

So there you have my top 10 creative Instagram accounts in 2019. 

What Instagram feeds spark your creativity? Let me know in the comments below.

All images are sourced from the user’s account on Instagram.  Feature image sourced from @pchyburrs.

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